Natural Health

There seems to be a drive like never before about Natural Health.  Reference: Dr Whitaker Health Freedom

It is as if we don’t know that Natural is Best.

I think Every One would say they eat naturally and know what is good for them but do indulge in the sweet sticky foods every so often.

But the drive is not to do with eating nicely.

The drive about Natural Health is to do with avoiding medical drugs.

I think I have always been a proponent of Natural Health but would always suggest that if one has an illness then a GP visit and medication is what is needed.

But now for myself at least, while I may go to the GP so that my condition is registered on their Medical Notes in case of an emergency, I will probably not take their advice of the Medical Drugs that are suggested to help.

What the human race is not realising is that the Medical Drugs were taken first from foods and herbs that were known to help disease and conditions;

that most if not all of our treatable medical conditions have come from the way food is produced and manufactured from the pesticides, soil enhancers, hormone treatments, preservatives and additives.  All these things have been taken out of the natural growth and made into something unnatural.  Nature for example does not produce pesticides on its own, the pesticide aspect comes bound with other aspects and grows into a plant.  The plant or herb itself was renown for its ability to ward off pests for example the herb Rue, and the vegetables carrots and onions but Money-Making-People saw how to take the element from many different plants and manufacture it making a drug;

And it is these addtives from preservatives to pesticides to bleach that are the cause of our ill-health in the first place.

It is gossip to suggest that without the Medical Drugs we would be worse off.  We do live longer than we did, but is that due to Medical Drugs or to a better understanding of hygiene or to better food?  After all in the Middle Ages the poor were poor and didn’t live to a great age because of not being able to afford food, afford herbs for their health and did not understand the effects of poor sanitation.

In fact we still don’t understand the effects of sanitation and now are so super clean we are causing health problems from the time we were born into a sterile environment.

Food naturally contains painkilling aspects from the spice turmeric or ginger both have been used since ancient times and more recently cherries and other berries have painkilling properties not to mention caffeine in tea and coffee.  Reference: Green Living

To avoid health conditions such as CFS/ME, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, all the arthritic conditions and all the others we MUST avoid all unnatural substances which means Medical Drugs, pesticides on foods and additives.  Reference: Soya which describes just one food additive causing ill-health.  Reference: Soy Online Service

Which means buying the raw ingredients and making the bread, biscuits, cakes, pies, ready meals, crisps, sauces, soups, custards, ice cream, jams, spreads, lemonade yourself with ingredients you trust not to contain pesticides and additives or any other rubbish.

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