Organic grapefruit seed extract

Organic Cold Pressed Grapefruit Seed Extract

I thought you might like to see the photographs of the petri dishes with the organic cold pressed grapefruit seed extract and the colonies of bacteria, fungi and yeasts that grew.

Please note that the grapefruit seed extract used was organic and cold-pressed and did not contain any chemicals or proprietary blends.

However before I do that let me explain something.  When a product is tested for its disinfectant properties a petri dish is made with a substance generally sea weed (agar).  The disinfectant, anti-microbial product is put in the centre of the dish where infected material has been zig-zagged completely across the whole plate or dish.  Then it is left for the bacteria and infectious material to grow.

The infected material must not grow anywhere around the disinfectant.  There should be a clear halo around the whole area, not even a light growth.

Here is the lab report with images:

“All plates used were ISO agar, which is a neutral agar used for general sensitivities.  The plates were seeded with a light innoculum of (1)Staphylococcus aureus,  (2)Escherichia coli (E.coli)  and  (3) Left: Aspergillus spp. (mould) Right: Candida spp (yeast). A small well was then bored into the agar and the neat grapefruit seed extract was poured into the well.  The plates were then incubated at 37 C (Staph and E. coli) and 22 C for the yeast and mould for 24hrs and 5 days respectively.”

Image 1








Image 1 – This shows heavy growth of Staph aureus. There is a slight zone of very light growth around the grapefruit seed extract, then a further zone which shows a very little resistance to the bug.
Image 2
Image 2 – This shows heavy growth of E. coli. There is a slight zone of very light growth around the grapefruit seed extract, then a further zone which again, shows a very little resistance to the bug. There is a small black possible colony? which may be contamination of the plate previous to innoculation.  This is not important in this experiment.
Image 3
Image 3 – These plates have very heavy growth of Mould (L) and Yeast (R). Which shows little or no resistance from the grapefruit seed extract.
This experiment shows that grapefruit seed extract on its own does not contain any microbial properties.

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  1. Source for the study? I don’t see anything in here that states that “cold processed GSE” was used. Link please?

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