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O my goodness me! It is all there staring me in the face – scroll down for more:

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I wish I was a Researcher with the skill to be totally unbiased while being ill and looking for answers to my illness. I wish I was that person because I feel certain that that researcher would show that the Perrin Technique is the answer to CFS/ME and the cure.

These are the actions that prompted my thoughts:
Woke up this morning (isn’t that a song?) – felt terrible.
Tumbled downstairs to make a cup of coffee for me and tea for my husband.
Husband is ill with flu – really not good.
Only two painkillers left – my husband needs those.
Caffeine will help my pain which is why I drink it – honest gov!
Collapsed onto settee and didn’t want to think about us both being ill and the sun in the garden beckoning me to do something out there.
Wondered what was going on in my body system.
I remembered Patrick Holford and other Nutritionists talking about a Leaky Gut. How the bigger morsels of food enter the bloodstream and the immune system didn’t recognise them and so an allergic response is activated making one feel ill.
I thought to myself that that isn’t how Dr Perrin described it at the presentation I went to. And it was this thinking process I wanted to follow.

I got comfy on the settee, opened my laptop to begin some ‘google’ searching of topics. While it was firing up, (it’s a dinosaur – takes ages) I saw Dr Perrin’s book lying there on the coffee table.

I opened it.

O my goodness!

There it all is.

Why hadn’t I fully read his book before? I have read up to Chapter 3 but couldn’t take in any more information. I have skipped to bits I wanted to know. But couldn’t cope with more facts but there it all is. I can feel my spine tighten as I try to understand what I am reading – I think it is because the words I am reading are so important to me that I get agitated.

What caught my eye was over 18 pages of references to other research (amounting to 261 published papers) that Dr Perrin has cited and 2 pages of books for further reading that all support his work/diagnosis/treatment/research.

Then the book shows case studies including his own son Max.

If you don’t believe me, get the book, it is the cheapest piece of getting better you will ever do.

It tells you everything, there are no hidden or misunderstood aspects it is all there for you to make an informed decision.

Get the book, read it and then decide if the treatment is for you.

If you do embark on Dr Perrin’s treatment programme remember to read the book time and time again. It will encourage you while going through the Perrin Treatment.

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