Truth builds trust

Where is the real help, when you are down?

What to do when you have a problem.

Where is the real help, when you need it most?

Inside yourself. You have the power to help yourself.

For most of my life I was like a sheep, following rules. Following my parents rules, fair enough as a child; following the church’s rules.

At the time, I thought I was being good, being perfect, being the best I could be. I thought it was the right way to go.

At school the whole class was taught that we were wicked, that we were born wicked. We had to make up for this by following the rules, by being good.

I ran around physically and mentally in all directions to be good because the very ready threat was hell if I wasn’t obedient.

I was like a sponge, soaking up all the church’s words of how bad and how ‘not good enough’ I was.

When I needed help, when I was at my most desperate, the church I had belonged to with such adherence, literally turned their back on me.

Even if I was to go to church now, and the people there are always so welcoming and so nice and so kind, but even they no matter who, would not be able to help me.

What help do I or you want?  

Trusted people to take time and listen. Someone to listen and then pray about the problem. Church services do not allow for this. There is no room for discussion on your thoughts about a matter.

Church is a one-way street, a place for a Pastor or Vicar to hear his own voice. To dictate and not let the individual think for themselves.

The word Church comes from a greek word that means Called Out Of. Jesus called people out of Rules, out of Religion.

Romans adopted it and put people straight back into Rules again when they ‘adopted’ the idea of Jesus Christ and created the Roman Catholic Church.

Jesus encouraged like minded people to meet together. To leave the formality of rules behind, he called them out of the rules and invited them to think for themselves.

I do meet with my friends in their houses and we chat about our beliefs and pray. This is what I believe Jesus wanted us to do from the beginning. This is why he said I leave my Spirit to guide you.

Where to find help.

We are born knowing God, and when we realise this we then acknowledge God’s spirit within us, the spirit’s inspiration and the help it provides.

God asks us to turn to him for help, but the very churches encouraging people to attend, are not able to help. God is not there in a church, in a set of rules.

He is in your heart and soul. There you will find the help.

But we are not an island, we are meant to interact with others, this is why Jesus wanted us to meet with like minded people. Discuss your thoughts and feelings with like-minded and trusted friends and between you, an answer will be found.

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