Is the cause of Dementia – additives?

Has the rise in Dementia sufferers increased with the rise of the use of additives in so called food?

The following statement on the BBC News the other morning made me pause for thought.
The newsreader said that the rise in Dementia sufferers being diagnosed had increased and one person was being diagnosed with dementia every 3 minutes, which could mean that there was a time in the past were there were few if any sufferers of dementia.   Then it could mean that the rise was in keeping with the rise of people living longer.  However I don’t think this is the case because sufferers of Dementia are being diagnosed as young as 50.

This then led me to wonder if the rise in dementia sufferers had increased with the use of unnatural chemical compounds found in foods because these chemicals have been can cause brain cells to die.

Some years ago I discovered a book called Excitotoxins – The Taste that Kills, written by a Neurosurgeon Russell Blaycock. He explained very clearly how the brain was affected by excitotoxins and how they killed brain cells.

Excitotoxins are additives that are used to add flavour to food or drinks or sweets or anything. The particular excitotoxin we shoppers in supermarkets were used to seeing on labels was MSG (monosodium glutamate). MSG is a brain cell killer.

Is MSG the cause of the rise in Dementia sufferers? Is MSG still used? You rarely see it on the ingredients’ list of products.

You avoid MSG? You may think you do, but you are probably eating it.

MSG is now called: hydrolysed vegetable protein, yeast extract (including marmite), natural flavourings and a host of other names. The sweetener aspartame is another excitotoxin that kills brain cells, cysteine is another. These additives are amino acids found in protein type foods and there is nothing wrong with them in the actual food source with all their natural supporting chemicals as nature originally intended. It is when they have been separated from their natural counterparts using toxic chemicals and concentrated that disease is caused.

As if this wasn’t enough – the brain may not be getting the food it needs to feed itself and keep the nerves and cells healthy. The food is fat from animals – butter, cheese, whole milk, cold pressed seed oils i.e. olive oil, magnesium and calcium from sea-salt, good quality drinking water, whole milk, green vegetables and the energy is derived from the glucose slowly released from vegetables.

Many of those people I know whose family member had dementia say they ate a healthy diet but is this a diet suggested by the FSA, a diet of low fat, no or less salt and that tap water is good to drink.

Scientific understanding of Dementia does present some perplexity, as is so with other diseases of the nerves. I believe Russell Blaycock has found the answer – exposure to plant toxins, a diet low in the correct nutrients then exposure to excitotoxins and I suspect in no particular order or severity because as is natural in all human individuals some are more affected than others.

Reference: Kindle version of the book Excitoxins The Taste that Kills by Russell Blaycock location 1727 to 1866

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