caution required when making soap

Is soap natural for human skin?

I don’t use soap.  I don’t use shower gel.  I do shower!  And soak in the bath!  I use cold-pressed fruit, seed, nut, magnesium and essential oils.

Many years ago I researched what people in the time of the Byzantines used for beauty.  In particular how they cleaned themselves.

Soap was first recorded as being invented in 2800BC.  Byzantines were around in 330AD.

Soap was simply made from animal fat and ash.  It was used to clean utensils.  When water drips on ash a chemical is formed, lye  – caustic soda.  Adding caustic soda to fats and oils caused a saponification (bubbles) to occur.

Over 3000 years later, soap was only used for utensils and cleaning wool.  Not for the body.  Not for the skin and certainly not for the face.

To cleanse their skins Byzantines used oil.  And a lizard fried in oil.  The lizard to exfoliate.

Oil lifts the dirt off the skin, even hard stuck on waterproof mascara is gently lifted off with oil.  I don’t use a lizard fried in oil, I use a flannel.

There is no such thing as natural soap, it needs an acidic chemical to saponify the oil and make it soapy.  Soap strips and dries the skin and can cause all manner of skin problems.

If you want healthy skin use a cold-pressed organic oil.

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