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Good Bacteria

We all want a healthy lifestyle?  Obesity and disease free; brain and body energy rich?

I am confused with all the talk of consuming fermented products.  The reason given is to keep the gut healthy and to encourage good bacteria.


According to the Duke School of Medicine and their sound theory of the appendix, the body makes its own gut bacteria.

So perhaps it is those without appendixes who need to be concerned with fermented products?

If Konstantin Monastyrsky is correct, with his extremely sound research, the gut is made unhealthy with eating fibre, fermented or otherwise and gut bacteria is made by the mucosa of the gut which in turn is made from amino-acids i.e. protein.

Then there is me and my health, 100% healthy with not eating grains, whose diet is protein and fat based, with more protein than vegetable matter.  Don’t misunderstand me, I love vegetables and fruit but feel better with more protein and less vegetables – less bloated, slimmer, better sleep, energised when awake.

Our digestion is 100% essential to our health but it is the toxins that cause ill-health. Toxins from foods that are unable to be digested. Toxins from additives that are not food and should never enter the digestive system.


Gut Sense by Konstantin Monastyrsky and also Flora

Duke School of Medicine

A happier healthier lifestyle




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