Yum-mie! Gluten-free, wheat-grain-family-free, milk-free living.

I will admit, there are times when I go into feel-sorry-for-myself mode when it comes to eating when it appears there is nothing in the house I can eat.

Members of my family, can open the fridge and make a cheese sandwich, or take a pizza out of the freezer if they need a quick lunch or open a cereal packet for a quick breakfast but if I get too hungry close to meal-times I go into melt-down and want to do a Harry Enfield – ‘It’s so unfair!’ and then do a child’s little stamp of the foot!

As we speak I am eating and the keyboard is getting sticky!

My Yum-mie Breakfast

Pancake with fresh fruit and chopped nuts.

  • Pancake – brown rice flour, extra virgin olive oil, egg, evian water and salt
  • Chopped banana, raspberries, lemon juice, chopped nuts and honey

Use whatever fruits are available, berries, apples, a squeeze of lemon juice – whatever.

For lunch I have used the pancake with prosciutto, tomatoes, lettuce etc. etc.

If you can believe the labelling then the following two meats are worth trying:

Tescos do a pre-packed meat called Aberdeen Angus with 3 or 4 slices to a packet but on offer 2 packets for £4.  This beef is only beef and salt and is lovely.

The prosciutto is only ham and salt.

These are the only pre-packaged meats I can eat and being so ultra sensitive I have not noticed any adverse effects.  But using your own cooked meat is the preferred option.  And heed this warning, a ruling means that in the USA it is considered that gluten does not pose a health risk when added to food, gluten is used in vegetarian foods and in the UK and Europe only if gluten exceeds a certain percentage does it need to be included on the label.  It is called the Codex Standard and for more information: Food Standards Agency

So there is life after allergies and I think that food is more delicious than for those who can eat bread and cheese, quite honestly.

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