natural painkillers

Addicted to painkillers

Painkillers -How does someone become addicted? Medication including painkillers, depletes the body of magnesium. Other things like caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks also deplete the body of magnesium. Magnesium is also lacking in our food supply because the soil is depleted. Depleted magnesium levels in the body cause among other things, muscle pain from spasms […]

gut bacteria

Good Bacteria

We all want a healthy lifestyle?  Obesity and disease free; brain and body energy rich? I am confused with all the talk of consuming fermented products.  The reason given is to keep the gut healthy and to encourage good bacteria. But. According to the Duke School of Medicine and their sound theory of the appendix, […]

Colloidal Silver

Essential Colloidal Silver

Essential Colloidal Silver Incongruous man appears to prefer the monumental usage of synthetic medicines of paracetamols, anti-inflammatory and antibiotics despite the long term damage they can do to the body, over natural medicine.   Natural or alternative medicine can be the use of herbs, exercise, massage, mineral salts and pure water to kill microbes, remove toxins […]

washing with water

fresh, healthy skin

Healthy skin is designed to protect. This protection includes many functions. Healthy skin is women’s and more recently men’s vanity and most want to know how to make it smooth and glowing and healthy. The cosmetic industry has been built on this aspect. Since Egyptian times and earlier women have been fussing about their skin. […]