feeling unwell - stretch the body

Feeling unwell – stretch your body

Feeling unwell?

The cause of feeling unwell can be a virus, a bacteria, a mould, or toxins from food or from the air. The body is very good at dealing with all of this, and will allow elimination of most toxins by sweating, coughing, blowing ones’ nose, and through the output of urine.

Drinking water is thought to help the passage of toxins, diluting them to reduce the symptoms. It is important to drink water but generally up to 8 glasses a day. Too much can also flush out essential minerals.

Eating good nutritious food is essential, in all cases, and when unwell roasted chicken bone broths are super good.  Sugar should be totally banished from the diet, substituting natural honey or natural maple syrup as these products contain minerals as well.

Stretch your body

However what can also help the elimination process is stretching, as tight muscles reduce the action of the passage of lymph that removes the toxins. Therefore stretch out to loosen tight muscles and allow a more efficient flow of lymph. Whatever is making you feel unwell – a good stretch can help and often reduces pain.

Do not worry too much about a cough or blowing one’s nose or visiting the loo or sweating as these are all good processes for the body to eliminate toxins.

The time to worry is if any of these processes make you feel unable to cope with daily activities, reduces the quality of sleep or makes you feel ill or weak, in that case seek advice immediately from your health practitioner.


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