hydrolysed vegetable protein

Hydrolysed vegetable protein

Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder

Marigold swiss vegetable bouillon powder is hydrolysed vegetable protein and is sold in supermarkets as well as Health Food shops, and because it is sold in Health Food shops, I made the assumption it was a healthy food, as do many others I am sure. It isn’t healthy, it is the opposite of healthy.

Hydrolysed vegetable protein is a terrible disease causing menace, it contains three excitotoxins and added MSG, the killers of brain cells. The excitotoxins are glutamate, aspartame and caseinate.

Why do I call it a terrible disease causing menace?

Russell Blaylock explains this in interesting detail in his book, Excitotoxins The Taste that Kills. Excitotoxin is the name scientists have given to an amino acid that excites brain cells, especially the concentrated form that is found in hydrolysed vegetable protein, that then kills brain cells, hence the name excitotoxin. Hydrolysed vegetable protein is toxic to the body.

How Excitotoxins work.

“The studies showing how excitotoxins work have greatly increased our understanding, not only of brain function, but also of the very basis of the degenerative brain disease process itself. In this discussion, you must keep in mind that the excitotoxins added to food are the exact same ones that produced experimental brain damage in animals. And the glutamate in our discussion is the same substance and active ingredient found in MSG. The neurotoxin aspartate is a major component in the artificial sweetener aspartame (actually a mixture of two amino acids, phenylalanine and aspartate, and methanol or wood alcohol).”

The whole book is a must-read and a complete eye opener into brain disease, brain degeneration and its causes.

“Instead of adding pure MSG they added a substance known as hydrolysed vegetable protein that contains three known excitotoxins and has added MSG. As we shall see, this substance is even more dangerous than MSG. They continued this practice for seven more years, and there is evidence that excitotoxins are still added to baby foods today. Usually these are in the form of caseinate, beef or chicken broth, or flavouring.” Excitotoxins the Taste that Kills by Russell Blaylock Location 221 kindle version

“Then in 1957, two ophthalmologists, Lucus and Newhouse decided to test MSG on infant mice in an effort to study an eye disease known as hereditary retinal dystrophy.  But, when they examined the eye tissues of the sacrificed animals, they made a startling discovery. The MSG had destroyed all of the nerve cells in the inner layers of the animals’ retinas, which are the visual receptor cells of the eye.

Despite this frightening discovery, MSG continued to be added to food in enormous amounts and cookbooks continued to recommend it as a taste enhancing additive for recipes.  But the worst was yet to be disclosed about this compound.  Some ten years later John W. Olney, MD, a neuroscientist working at the Department of Psychiatry at Washing University in St Louis, repeated Lucas and Newhouse’s experiment on infant mice.

His findings indicated that MSG was not only toxic to the retina, but also to the brain.  When he examined the animal’s brains he discovered that specialised cells in a critical area of the animals’ brains, the hypothalamus, were destroyed after a single does of MSG.” Excitotoxins the Taste that Kills by Russell Blaylock Location 197 Kindle version

I could quote the whole book, it makes stunning reading.  Science knew about the dire consequences of consuming MSG and excitotoxins since 1957 and the Food Standards Agencies have done nothing about it and worse, it is being sold as a health food.

No wonder blindness, cataract disease, alzheimers and dementias are rife causing tragedy and mayhem in people’s lives and in the families of those who suffer these debilitating and degrading conditions and it is sold in Health Food Shops as a health food – appalling. Why haven’t the medical community who have to cope with the effects of hydrolysed vegetable protein on their patients called for a complete ban?


The Taste that Kills by Russell Blaylock

A Happier, healthier lifestyle by Marianne Gutierrez the book is fully referenced and contains many more interesting facts on healthy eating.

2 thoughts on “Hydrolysed vegetable protein

  1. Hi Marianne,
    I was very interested to read that Bouillon powder has toxic ingredients under the disguise of hydrolysed vegetable protein! I have adding this substance to rice and quinoa dishes for years for my daughter and I!
    On looking in my cupboard I have an older tub with this ingredient in and a newer one which HASN’T got it in, instead it has maltodextrin (also in gravy granules) so, my question is, are these the same thing, different name??
    I fought breast cancer last year, so I am consciously making effort to avoid toxic additives and processed food and to eat a clean diet where possible. (I also have chronic fatigue)
    Thank you for taking time to read my concern,

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Jenny. Which bouillon powder have you been using? I found this website: http://www.betterthanbouillon.com/faq.aspx and cannot agree with their FAQs, I do not know what natural monosodium glutamate is, by its very name it has been manufactured. Anyway as far as I know maltodextrin does not kill brain cells. However it is a manufactured unnatural product and also made from grains that have gluten in, so I for one cannot tolerate it. If you are concerned about your food because of your health then you should be avoiding all manufactured foods, even organic manufactured foods. The Soil Association is the most rigorous standard we have at the moment but even they have permitted additives. You do not need to add a bouillon powder, stock cube to your cooking for flavour. Make your own from the meat juices and celtic sea salt and black pepper, and herbs and spices if you fancy them. Or make bone broths which are extremely good for everyone and boost the immune system. Roast a joint. Eat the meat. Put the bones in a slow cooker, cover with good quality water and slow cook for 6 hours. Drain and keep the stock in the freezer for gravies etc. Oops – you eat quinoa – are you vegetarian? Sorry about the meat and bone advice! I would totally avoid all additives and manufactured foods. There is no bouillon powder that is truly healthy. Healthy food is natural, fresh and organic and kindly cared for animals.

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