Colloidal Silver

Essential Colloidal Silver

Essential Colloidal Silver

Incongruous man appears to prefer the monumental usage of synthetic medicines of paracetamols, anti-inflammatory and antibiotics despite the long term damage they can do to the body, over natural medicine.   Natural or alternative medicine can be the use of herbs, exercise, massage, mineral salts and pure water to kill microbes, remove toxins and alleviate pain.

The concern with one aspect of natural medicine – Colloidal Silver is argyria.  A rare condition where the silver has lodged underneath the skin causing the skin colour to turn a grey-blue after very large amounts have been consumed, it not thought to be dangerous just unsightly.  The silver used that causes this is one that has been bonded with an amino acid cysteine, but one enterprising gentleman managed to completely reverse his argyria condition.  Colloidal Silver is not bonded with cysteine and has not been shown to cause argyria.

Whatever negative you have heard about Colloidal Silver should be of no concern whatsoever compared to the good Colloidal Silver can do, a natural medicine used since ancient times for the prevention of disease, preserving food and water and keeping the home hygienic.  Colloidal Silver kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

Technology has improved the availability of the silver in the body with the colloidal form using fine particle sizes of 5ppm for general usage and 10ppm when killing microbes.  No finer is required or one may overdose.

One company has gone one step further by using a vibration technique and claim that their Colloidal Silver is the best on the market.

In the light of the ebola crisis it makes sense to carry with you at all times a spray bottle of Colloidal Silver to continually spray into mouth and on hands as a boost to the immune system in case you come in contact with any germs including ebola.

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