period pain

Period Pain


Period pain is easily resolved and guess what, the resolution is to do with food.

If you have come to this site for information then you shouldn’t be surprised that food will help.

In particular it is the nutrients in food that will help.

What is the cause of Period Pain?  The body initiates a period through a system of messages via hormones.

What foods or nutrients will help this relay of messages?

Fats.  Animal and seed fats and oils.

Therefore if you have period or PMT or menopausal symptoms and are eating a low fat diet – therein lies your reasons.

Minerals also help especially calcium and magnesium.

Therefore if you do not drink milk or are on a diary free diet due to intolerance or low fat or simply don’t fancy it, you will be low in essential minerals – calcium and magnesium and of-course the fats.

Eat animal fat if you are not intolerant, butter, dripping, cream, milk, full fat yoghurt your body and incidentally your brain needs them desperately!  Make bone broths and get the marrow from the bones in your diet.

Take a good quality (ie not synthetic) vitamin supplement – calcium and magnesium.  Take a fish oil supplement.

I started this regime a while ago now and not only my monthly period pain disappeared but I never suffered with menopausal symptoms.

Here is my regime that stopped all period pain and stopped PMT, stopped heavy periods that caused me to miss work and stopped menopausal symptoms:

1. List all symptoms including period pain and put the list in your diary for a month’s time.
2. Avoid all foods you suspect being allergic or intolerant to, check: wheat, barley, oats, rye and soya, all dairy and all additives.  Soya upsets hormonal systems especially the thyroid so avoid all soya products including sushi because of the dressings.

3. Take a good quality omega 3 fish oil supplement

4. Take a good quality calcium and magnesium supplement
5. Check the list of symptoms in a month’s time and put a line through those you don’t experience anymore.
6. Put the list in your diary for another month’s time and do the same and then do one more month.
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