We are hearing on the news more and more about depression and mental health issues.  A thought barely skims the brain cells – I wonder why?  Is there a nutritional element to this developing scenario?

Calcium and magnesium help with anxiety, depression and mood.  Therefore lack of calcium and magnesium may cause the individual to become anxious, depressed and moody.  What causes a lack of calcium and depression?

The following food and drink items deplete calcium and magnesium: Fizzy drinks (including coca cola, lemonade, tonic water) additives (aspartame, glutamate and cysteine) marmite, yeast extract and hydrolyzed vegetable protein.  They over excite brain cells until the brain cells die which then can be the cause of hyper behaviour and then depression.

Not only do these ‘foods’ over excite brain cells to their death, these so called items of food also cause the body to use far too much calcium.   This then robs calcium and magnesium from other areas – muscle including heart muscle, the guts, the hair, the teeth and the bones.

I think this may explain the rise in depression and mental illnesses and other health problems.


Excito toxins the Taste that Kills by Russel Blaycock

A Healthier Happier Lifestyle by Marianne Gutierrez


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