Good Fat

Natural Cholesterol Medicine

Natural Cholesterol Medicine – comes from unadulterated, unrefined natural food from animals, birds, fish and plants and the fats and oils they produce.  Omega 3 fish oil lowers LDL Cholesterol

There are many types of natural cholesterol medicine in animal fats and oils, and plant fats and oils, and the body needs them all in balanced proportions.

The body makes LDL cholesterol from refined flours and sugar and people eat far too much of this food, this is why LDL cholesterol has such a bad name.  But it isn’t bad cholesterol – it is too much LDL cholesterol.

To reduce the LDL cholesterol reduce the products made from refined flours and sugars.  To add to this consumption of refined flours and sugars – the products that use these ingredients also contain bad fats – which are those that have also been refined – namely refined vegetable oils or cooking oils and margarines or low fat spreads.   Making this type of food poisonous to the body.

To obtain a balance of all the cholesterols (fats and oils) eat the fat from animals, birds, fish, eggs, whole milk, butter, cream, seeds and nuts.

Weston A Price Foundation – Cholesterol

Udo Erasmus Fats that Heal and Fats that kill (not 100% factually correct according to a thumbs down review by the Weston A Price Foundation but the book contains information on the different types of cholesterol the body needs)

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