My work is Remedial Massage

My work is Remedial Massage.

So why do I write so much about food and what is healthy and what is not?

When I provide a treatment for a client I look at the whole person.

This doesn’t mean the muscles all over the body.  It means inside and out as well.

As well as other aspects I always ask about their diet.  A picture begins to build in my mind as to why they may have constant back ache for example.  Are they lacking in essential nutrients and why are they not getting these nutrients from their food?

If they need to see a Nutritionist I recommend this.

If they need to see a foot specialist I recommend this.
If they need to see their GP for tests I refer them.

Then they return to me with their results and I look at massage, exercise and stretches to help.

However everyone is recommended to have a massage at least once a week because of the healing work massage does to the whole body.

Massage de-stresses, brings in healing blood and helps take away toxins.

Massage should be a regular part of everyone’s lifestyle whether they are sport’s orientated, couch potatoes or sedentary workers.

A Massage treatment is not a treat it should be part of everyone’s weekly lifestyle.

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