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Dementia – have the government forgotten?

When there is a ‘condition’ reaching worrying proportions why when the government are pushed to find an answer do they not look at what people are eating and not eating?

There are hundreds of reports to be found on how AIDS was being cured with a nutritional programme at a cost of hundreds of pounds for example, and yet the government paid millions of pounds to find a drug that would only help not cure.

How diabetes can be reversed by changing one’s diet.

It isn’t the money paid out so much although that is a consideration, it is the government’s solution that bothers me.  The government’s solutions seem to keep people ill.
Other natural health practitioners have cured terminal cancer when clients were put on a nutritional programme to flush out toxins.
Russell Blaycock a neurosurgeon has written a book about elements of manufactured foods that kill brain cells.  Surely that may cause dementia?  Brain cells being killed off?  When I was looking after my Dad I noted a huge improvement to his thinking and memory when I took him off these brain cell killers and put foods in his diet that helped the brain.
I find myself so frustrated when I hear on the news about a health condition where people are deteriorating with nothing but a bleak future to look forward to, when a simple change in diet could change their future to the opposite.
Although I did help my Dad, it is very difficult to change the mind-set that the GP and his plethora of pills will more simply resolve the health issues rather than give up certain foods or introduce others.
The point that is missed is that changing one’s diet may reverse the condition whereas a pill may only reduce some symptoms.
It is food our body needs, this is our fuel and it heals and rebuilds.  However there are many ‘foods’ on the market that do nothing to rebuild the body but can cause severe health deterioration.
So called ‘foods’ that cause severe deterioration to health including dementia
Fizzy drinks
Stock cubes
Yeast extract ie marmite
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
Low fat spreads
Low fat yoghurts
Refined vegetable oils
Aspartime – sugar substitute
Glutamate – flavour enhancer sometimes called MSG, Yeast extract or natural flavouring
Non fermented grains and pulses –  thought to be the cause of gut problems
Foods that upset the gut so that nutrients are not absorbed
Brown, wholemeal, granary and white breads with the flour not having been fully fermented.
Phytic acid not broken down by fermentation upsets the gut causing diseases such as crohn’s, diverticulitis and others
Foods that must be eaten for the health of the body
Sea salt (part of the electrolytes the body must have to live, essential for life)
Clean water free of chemicals.
Animal fat, eggs, whole milk, butter and cream – contains a fat the brain must have for life
Animal meat
Fermented grains, pulses and nuts
Dementia and Alzheimer can be helped by changing the diet to avoid foods that kill and include foods that heal.
The government have forgotten that it is food from natural traditional sources that humans need for health, not additives and pills.

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