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Coca Cola is death in a bottle

Coca Cola, advertised to be a drink that makes you feel happy, refreshed and ‘the real thing’, is the very opposite of all that it advertises to be. Coca Cola is death in a bottle because of the additives it contains. There is no other way to express this, Coca Cola could kill.

Coca Cola contains phosphoric acid which has a degenerative effect on calcium an essential mineral our body needs. The ingredients in Coca Cola are: carbonated water, sugar, caramel E150d (colour), phosphoric acid, natural flavourings including caffeine.

Rheumatologist Dr Su MD is quoted on the Cleveland Clinic website: 

“One reason drinking cola or coffee could impact bone density is that drinking more of these beverages means you’re drinking less beverages like milk, which do promote bone health, Dr. Su says.

Another reason could be that the phosphoric acid in cola leaches calcium out of the bone. Supporting this line of thought is that sodas such as lemon-lime drinks or ginger ale, which are not linked to osteoporosis, lack phosphoric acid.

Another problem with Coca Cola is that it contains natural flavourings and these can kill brain cells according to Russell Blaylock of the book Excitotoxins The Taste that kills.

Therefore Coca Cola is a mental health, disease-waiting-to-happen, death-in-a-bottle that should never have been allowed to be manufactured. Don’t drink it. Drink Evian Water instead.

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