Fish Oil DHA so very essential

Many moons ago, in the deepest darkest part of my CFS/ME journey I was introduced to a fish oil called PuraEPA, which is a denatured fish oil with the essential brain and heart nutrient, DHA, taken out.

The theory by Professor Pura is that CFS/ME people couldn’t make the conversion in the body to use the DHA, and that DHA can be made from EPA anyway; but the amounts the body make from EPA are vastly smaller than natural fish oil provides.

I tried the oil but came out in an all over body rash so stopped it.  I wasn’t very happy with taking an oil that I deemed denatured.  It is perhaps an unfair term because oil taken from any fish has to go through a certain denaturing process to take out the toxins.  As I am an Aromatherapist I am aware of certain processes to extract oils, I can accept these, but when an oil has vital components taken out, I am not so happy.

The reason is that I am convinced that most of our health problems amount to the following:

Denatured foods, additives and pesticides, in other words man-made synthetic chemicals.  Synthetic chemicals result when components of a nutrient, for example Vitamin E which is known for its antioxidant properties as well as its fertility properties, are isolated from the nutrient, for instance the active part of the fertility nutrient and use only that in a concentrated form in a medical drug.  This then is a synthetic and a medical drug.  The fertility component in this drug form proved in tests not to be so efficient with fertility as the natural vitamin E, which is thought to be due to all the undefinable trace elements that are naturally present in Vitamin E supporting the active component.

To give you an image, it is like looking at the body and seeing that what raises the forearm to the upper arm so that a cup can be moved from a surface to your mouth, is the bicep muscle.  So in this scenario the chemists isolate the bicep and put it in tablet form and use it as a drug for people to move their forearm.  But the bicep doesn’t work alone and needs the all the other muscles and tendons and ligaments to do a thorough job. So this fictitious drug to help move the forearm may work but not efficiently as you can imagine because all the other components (muscles, tendons and ligaments) are not with it.

Taking out components and turning them into drugs may serve for a short term but in the long term could make you more ill.

For instance in the bicep scenario, the arm would remain stuck in the bent position because there would be no tricep to unbend it.

Taking essential DHA out of the oil I think is denaturing it, so to my way of thinking PuraEPA is a drug because it is in a capsule form without its essential elements.  And we know drugs do help a little but may cause vast problems later.

You could make your own fish oils, but I don’t recommend it but basically you squeeze the oil out of the skin and flesh and hey presto fish oil.  All fish oil companies now clean the oil of toxins and this doesn’t denature the oil, in other words all the components that make fish oil, fish oil, are present.

The additives, pesticides and manufactured foods are not easily processed by our bodies.  It is thought that if you eat something that has been denatured, the body will find the trace elements within our own bodies to process it.  But this eventually depletes the body and so illness results.

Whole natural foods work well within the body because they contain all the elements they were grown with; when components are removed, our body has to go through a stressful process to assimilate it.  I use the word stressful because other nutrients are used to cope with the denatured foods and this causes a situation commonly called Stress.

I believe that stress is caused by a depletion of nutrients and eventually the brain and then the body cannot cope.

For example: You go to the GP and say I don’t know what the matter is with me, but I can’t cope.  The GP diagnoses depression.  You leave the surgery armed with prozac.  Stress is a serious illness of mal-nutrition in the body but your GP never once looks at your lifestyle or what you are eating.  Mal means BAD.  Malnourish means bad nourishment.  Stress when ignored leads to other conditions of the heart, guts, brain, liver and other organs

This article has been generated because I am currently looking into Fish Oils and have found some interesting facts.  I really felt I had a eureka moment when I discovered Krill Oil and then quickly squashed that when the Krill Oil supplements made me ill.  You won’t believe what I have discovered about Krill, a natural oil that Dr Mercola of great natural fame promotes.  Krill contain added unnatural sulphites put there by the Japanese trawler men when the Krill are first taken out of the sea and frozen.  I have a pdf file with the information written by a European Commission for a company called NKO who appear to have cornered the market on Krill Oil and want to use it in many Novel food products so flooding the food chain with Omega 3 oils and sulphites, and if it can be believed because it has not been proved, antioxidants that NKO and Dr Mercola think are naturally present in the Krill.

Read here why we need DHA in FISH oil: Why the DHA in FISH oils is best my title, but the article was written by Byron J Richards

Anyone suffering from Diabetes, Obesity and Cognitive disorders should read and inwardly digest Byron J Richard’s article.

4 thoughts on “Fish Oil DHA so very essential

  1. Hello,

    I just stumbled upon your article while doing a google search, and was surprised to read about the sulfites in Krill oil. Did you do a follow-up post to this article, or can you give more information regarding the details about adding the sulfites?

    Also, do you know of a sulfite-free krill oil available in the US?

    Thanks in advance,


    • To be absolutely certain you are avoiding sulphites I would avoid all krill oil products, crustaceans, tinned, frozen or bottled fruit and veg including frozen chips, white corn starch, white potato starch and all bottled or tinned products as the veg and fruit used in those products will probably have been sulphited first to prevent going brown during the processing.
      A rich blend of fish oils is not going to be the absolute ‘cure’ for CFS/ME symptoms, an omega 3 fish oil with DHA is helpful to some of the symptoms. So simply purchase one that is good on your pocket as well as your brain! I was using xtendlife but am having to be careful with our finances so have swapped to Nature’s Aid. Both help and both do not have adverse effects on me.
      I have emailed you with more information.

      • hi pls may i have the link of pdf to the Krill contain added unnatural sulphites put there by the Japanese trawler men when the Krill are first taken out of the sea and frozen. I have a pdf file with the information written by a European Commission for a company called NKO who appear to

        • Hi Jess, this is the quote: “Nor does the dossier provide any definitive answers concerning the quantity of sodium hydrogen sulphite (which is added to the krill as a preservative during the freezing process [1]) that remains in the oil.” From the pdf: 070419-nv-krillolie
          Past this into your browser and a selection of websites will come up, select: pdf application for approval of neptune krill oil.
          The quote is positively saying that there is sodium hydrogen sulphite in the krill oil and that it remains in the oil, what they don’t know is how much remains.
          All crustaceans used for food purposes have to have a preservative applied as soon as they are fished because they naturally deteriorate as soon as they leave the sea, this includes prawns as well as krill.

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