New Health Buzz Word: Fascia

Fascia is the new buzz word and because of new understanding of this fascinating material, massage and strategic movements are even more essential to good health. Hippocrates and the Chinese have been telling us this for thousands of years.

Massage is an ancient therapy – why Hippocrates the father of medicine knew what would help in those by-gone days without all the technological evidence and science that Authorising Bodies such as NCCAM (The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) need today would beggar the 400 BC beliefs. How did Hippocrates discover the benefits of massage? According to historical documents through application and noting the differences which is the basis of the Hippocratic oath “which is based on observation of clinical signs and rational conclusions, and does not rely on religious or magical beliefs”.

Research has found that the fascia or connective tissue is equally if not more important than the muscles for good posture and movement. When all is in better alignment less energy is used, therefore keeping one more energetic for longer.

What is fascia/connective tissue?

When you peel the skin off a chicken leg, you see between the skin and the muscle white lacy material (tissue) – this is fascia/connective tissue. But it doesn’t end there, in fact it doesn’t end – hence the name connective. Some time ago it was described to me by an Osteopath as being like a sheet that covers the whole body; but that isn’t quite correct, it is like a sheet but with an elasticated cross-ways weave, that winds around all muscles, to and from all muscles causing a stretchy ‘line’ of movement criss-crossing the body from head to toe.

When a therapist such as myself checks the posture and ranges of movement of clients, consideration is given to the fascia and not just the muscles. In fact consideration is given to the whole body when someone enters my treatment room and a certain amount of detective work using my studies and experiences, in true Hippocratic style.

My treatments include fascia work and movements to improve the fluidity of the fascia and movements of the muscles, not forgetting the Essential Massage that directly encourages the elasticity of the fascia.


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