Stretches and Arthritis

Many patients come to me and say: It’s the Arthritis!  As if there is nothing to be done about it.

Arthritis is a General Word used to describe the pain in the body from muscles or joints.  It is almost meaningless because it doesn’t covey exactly what is causing the pain.

A diagnosis of Arthritis seems to produce in people a complete character change as if they have been re-born into their mothers and grandmothers who were crippled with the arthritis.  I have seen people totally give in to this diagnosis like some death sentence and their whole demeanour changes.

But Arthritis in so many cases can be prevented and it can be improved, naturally and easily.

In the main the causes are from:

1. Poor nerve transmission

2. Tight tendons

3. Loose tendons

4. Tight muscles

5. Improper lymphatic drainage which dumps toxins on joints causing bone spurs

6. Improper production of synovial fluid

All of the categories can be helped with a change in diet and a regime of stretches.

Nerve transmission needs sodium.  Nerve function needs calcium and magnesium.  The sheath that protects the nerve relies on GOOD fats like Omega 3 fish oils, a little Omega 6 from Evening Primrose and animal fat.  (yes animal fat in moderation is GOOD fat).  All the electrolyte chemicals are essential and they include sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and others.

What destroys nutrients in our body are manufactured foods like Coca Cola and fizzy drinks which contain no nutrient value at all but what is termed as anti-nutrients – they deplete.  In some areas they are called poisons.  Fizzy drinks seriously deplete the body of Calcium.  Refined cooking oils also deplete because they cause oxidants to form which can cause cancer.  Additives are also anti-nutrients and are only in the food to make it look or taste different to make it sell or for keeping properties.  All manufactured foods should be avoided.

Frozen foods may have to be avoided as some contain sulphites and it doesn’t say which.  Sulphites are used to keep the colour of the product and to stop it going brown.  For example in frozen berries or raspberries or cut apples or potatoes.

All foods should be eaten as fresh as possible and home-made out of ingredients you can trust.

Foods to help Arthritis are:

Green leafy veg and all green veg.

Nuts and seeds especially Brazil nuts.

Bananas, Apples and Berries.

Fish – especially oily fish – wild is best from North Atlantic seas

Meat with ribbons of fat and gristle through it and offal meat like liver and heart. Gristle provides nutrients the synovial fluid needs and offal meat provides Co-enzyme Q10 which has been shown to help Parkinson’s, a disease of the nerves the symptoms of which can be confused with arthritis.

There is a form of Arthritis that is hyper-mobility.  This means that the tendons around the joints are very flexible and the individual can bend their limbs to seemingly impossible positions.  This condition can be painful because the joints are easily put out of alignment.  This condition can be helped with a careful regime of specific toning and stretching and of-course diet.

The lymphatic system is helped hugely with a Stretch routine, there is much to say about this and helping the Lymph to drain properly has been a key part in my feeling better from ME.  Massage also helps the flow of lymph as it softens the muscles and increases blood to the area as well as lymph so encouraging the flow.

All conditions are helped with a gentle stretch routine Please click on the link and get stretching, it will be the best thing you have ever done.

I also teach a Tone and Stretch class for everyone but specifically for those suffering with an arthritic condition.

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  1. As a former sufferer of sciatica, I can say that the remedial massaging has helped a ton. Great advice on this site. I really enjoy reading the posts.


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