You Tube Censors a video about the truth of GMO Foods

Natural News works tirelessly to bring Truth (as far as we know it) news about Natural Foods, Natural supplements, and the Natural Environment.  Mike Adams also publishes reports that suggest some medical pills do not work.  Medical pills are huge business.

However in the US the FDA seems to work tirelessly to stop Natural health food stores from Trading using many excuses that can appear to be unfounded.  The FDA appears to be working on behalf of the powerful medical pills companies.  Natural ‘things’ I suppose it is considered may stop those who may otherwise turn to pills thereby the Medical pills businesses may lose credibility and therefore money.

I am shocked (I’m so naive) that You Tube has been ‘got at’!  Here is the news of the You Tube censor: Natural News

But look what Mike Adams of Natural News has come back with:  Free Speech

Got to support this one!

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