do you need more magnesium

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A mineral supplement containing magnesium has been the most beneficial supplement to my health.  When I took magnesium on its own the benefits were not so obvious. I needed to take it with calcium and zinc.

Magnesium restores gut health. Reduces instability of the gene that affects many disorders including cancer. Reduces gall bladder and kidney stones and helps detoxify.

It is involved with calcium and is found to be reduced in Parkinson’s disease. Therefore supplementing magnesium may help Parkinson’s sufferers.

It is vital in all areas of the body including being a muscle relaxant and aids sleep. But magnesium is not so rich in the soil as it should be and this is why we are lacking in it.

The very best source should be in the water we drink. Unfortunately it is easily destroyed by the chemicals in tap-water.

The next best source should be vegetables but as the soil is lacking and so is the water, our vegetables are too.

Nuts are rich in magnesium but are also high in glutamate which can cause headaches. Glutamate as you have read on this website kills brain cells, glutamate is not good for cancer patients.

Russell Blaylock suggests supplementation and uses a powder form. This completely reduced his symptoms of gastritis when he ate poorly prepared food at a restaurant. However depending on the form – diarrhoea may result.

Ancient minerals provide an oil you can put on your body and is one I use for myself and in my massage treatments for my clients because of its muscle relaxing properties.

Or you can use Dead sea salts for soaking and healing muscle aches and pains and inducing good sleep.

2 thoughts on “do you need more magnesium

  1. Yes and as well as helping fatigue in M.E. magnesium is useful for muscle relaxation, inducing more restful sleep, restless leg syndrome (cured mine) and also migraines. Low magnesium is believed to be a major cause of migraines. I’ve just had three in three days and I’ve been slacking on my magnesium supplementation. A great way is transdermal magnesium. Anyone with gut absorption issues or hypothyroidism, should use the transdermal option. Spray it on a large surface area, such as your back. Any initial tingling indicates deficiency and will improve and disappear with supplementation, once levels are raised.

    • Thank you for your comment, the magnesium oil I use is by ancient minerals. I just need to say that I think you mean if the magnesium tingles the skin after application, this sensation will dissipate eventually. Some tingling can be a B12 deficiency and B12 is obtained by eating animal foods. Something else that helps the gut including the stomach is sea-salt more especially Celtic Sea Salt. We are making ourselves very ill by reducing salt intake. We need more not less. Sea salt is an essential nutrient, the same if not more essential than water.

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