good food heals

Good food heals disease

Good food heals disease.

I am a Remedial Massage therapist with an interest in good food after healing myself from chronic CFS/ME. Because of my illness, I researched what my body needed and what nutrients were missing from my diet and then wrote about it. My book ‘A Happier Healthier lifestyle’, contains all the references to the science of why good food helped me. There is no doubt in my mind that good food heals disease but just what is that good food?

How our bodies keep us healthy.

Our bodies are designed to supply energy, rebuild themselves and get rid of toxins.  Old cells are discarded and new ones are grown.  What goes wrong with this excellent system is bad food, just as putting sugar in a car engine will cause that engine to splutter and stop.

Bad food is not from nature.  Bad food that upsets the body is food that has been interfered with by man – commonly called refined foods.  Only a little will set off symptoms of disease again.

Good food is from kindly cared for animals, whole and full animal fats, fruit and vegetables, fermented nuts, seeds and grains and everything without pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, additives or flavour enhancers.

Ron Schmid ND makes the point in his article 2004 Diet and Recovery from Chronic Disease:

“Weston Price showed us that the fundamental cause of disease is inadequate nutrition. In virtually every indigenous culture he visited and studied, from tropical regions to the extreme north, people who were eating entirely according to the traditional wisdom of their ancestors were immune to chronic diseases.”

Our bodies can keep us free from disease, if, we eat the fuel it needs.

Good food.


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