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Having been in receipt of quite a few emails about CFS/ME Organisations and Petitions I thought: ‘I don’t want to know.’  ‘I am not interested.’  I am so fed up of hearing about how the Government are not listening and not caring about those with CFS/ME.  I think to myself, what about all the other people with other health problems not being listened to?

I wondered at my attitude.  ‘That’s a bad attitude.’  I said to myself. ‘These organisations work so hard for people, you are not being fair.’ I told myself.

Yesterday I looked around the table at all my sisters.  “Why am I different?  I thought.

I had always been ill, despite me fighting against it , ignoring how I was feeling and telling myself I was the same as everyone else.  As a child I didn’t know I was in pain and my Mother didn’t understand, she and my sisters just thought I was moaning, miserable and unhappy.

I thought I was moaning, miserable and unhappy.  Until I was diagnosed with food allergies and then I wasn’t moaning, miserable or unhappy any more as long as I didn’t eat my personal allergens.

I looked at my sisters again all with a condition or two controlled by medications, not to mention my brothers who weren’t there at the time of my musings.

However I am the only one of all of them who avoids many foods, they do not.   I began my CFS/ME journey from a very early age unbeknown to me.  My other sisters began their personal ill-health journeys much later on in their lives.

The last email I have received so far this morning is from Natural News almost echoing my thoughts of this morning and yesterday and so prompting this post.

The Natural News post is about how we make our own ill-health and how we can make ourselves well naturally, and our way.

The trouble with ill-health is that the Governments have taken control of it.  We are brain-washed into thinking that we HAVE to go to the GP and we HAVE to do what our GP tells us.  It has been set as the default mandatory button in our heads.  We think: ‘I feel ill.’  We immediately press the NHS medication button.

I am cured from CFS/ME and sometimes I can cope with eating a little of my personal allergens.  So why are so many people still suffering with CFS/ME?  Why are people bed-bound with it?  Why were they walking and talking one day and got CFS/ME the next?

I think the main reason some people remain ill is because they go to their GP and rely on the NHS for a cure, for wellness.  And that is what the CFS/ME organisations are doing.  They are hoping for a cure from the Government.  And that cure will come in the form of medication.

Medication which is what GPs offer will never cure.  It will only at best put a (dangerous) lid on the symptoms.  Squash symptoms with one type of medication and up will come a whole host more of other symptoms.  There are three types of medication that are great in the short term – painkillers, antibiotics and cancer drugs. They should be a short, sharp, shock method to kill things and then Good Food should be adopted for the long term.

I do not doubt I am a type to get CFS/ME and food allergies.  I am sure I was born like it.  I am sure that I was born like it because my mother ate margarine, gluten loaded bread, food with additives and terrible synthetic chemicals were being discovered and used and thought wonderful, and she went through a pile of stress during her formative years, and everyone in those days thought smoking was OK.

In other words my health and I are a product of Government policies.

However I do not have to take anymore of their attitude.  This world and the governments are not about Care.  They are about ‘How can we make money out of being seen to Care?’

So do not look to the Government for help.  Look to yourselves.  Eat Good Food.  Avoid allergens.  Supplement calcium and magnesium because they are not naturally present in rich enough amounts in our drinking water and should be.


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Natural News – Good Health is no accident

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