How to reduce poor health and stay well.

How reduce poor health and stay well.

Good food, good thinking and good movement.

Pipers Farm

Pipers Farm

Avoid sugar in all its forms: brown, white, demerara, molasses, icing sugar, syrup, glucose, fructose, synthetic sweeteners.
Avoid dried fruits.

Avoid all additives and chemicals in foods – go for Soil Association organic foods if you can. They have higher standards than other organic food standard agencies.  There are permitted additives in organic foods but the soil association’s percentages of these additives are lower.

Avoid all foods you suspect being allergic or intolerant to, or get yourself tested.  Allergies and intolerance cause inflammation in the body.  If you have an inflammatory disease it makes sense to get this aspect checked.  The NHS may test for milk and do test for gluten.  However if you are not eating the foods you are intolerant/allergic to then this may cause the test to be a false negative.  Also you have to have a GP who understands to get the tests and then there is a long waiting list.

If you are intolerant or allergic to foods, there are some nutrients you may not be getting in your diet because you can’t eat the food.  The most common ones can be B vitamins and calcium, magnesium and zinc as well as protein.

Most supplements are made from synthetic sources so they are not a good source to replace the nutrients you may be lacking.  If you cannot tolerate milk and its products or are not consuming enough of them, then calcium and magnesium are difficult to supplement.  A lack of these nutrients can be very serious.  You need to search for the richest sources of calcium and magnesium and regularly eat those foods.  A herb called Moringa is a good source but because of its processes may have chemical residues that if you are so sensitive may affect you one is ethanol which is made from corn.

Foods to eat:  Make bone broths, ferment grains, eat animal fats – ghee and pure good quality dripping all from grass fed properly cared for cows.  If you can tolerate milk then consume raw whole milk, cream, cheese.   Eat free-range eggs, grass fed meat and organic fruit and veg.  A grain that is generally tolerable to most people is rice.  Eat brown rice it does contain some B vitamins.  Drink a bottled water that has the richest supply of calcium and magnesium.


Forgive yourself

Forgive yourself


This is the biggest depleter of nutrients as the Stress Reaction burns up particular nutrients which if not in your diet in plentiful supply, then robs them from your gut, muscles, bones, hair and teeth causing poor health.  This is why stress is the biggest cause of ill-health.

Stress also causes us not to breath properly and the end result of that is a loss of calcium.

Avoid stress and stressful situations and see a counselor to rationalise your hurts that whir in the back of your brain causing stress.




Stress causes muscles to tighten as do repetitive movements over time. Tight muscles cause pain and pull the body slightly out of alignment.  Over years the pain is not felt if the body stays in a poor position, but an extended range of movement, or correcting the posture brings back the pain.  On top of this misalignment of the body causes internal organs to be squashed causing poorer function including poor breathing, poorer nerve transmission, poorer blood flow and poorer lymphatic flow which then cause disease.

The best form of exercise is walking and gentle, careful stretching programmes specially designed for the individual.

A remedial massage treatment can help to identify the stretches required and massage delivers more blood and lymph to the area thereby aiding,  encouraging and supporting the body’s own systems that detoxify and relax.

The references to all of this information can be found at the Reference Section to my book: A happier, healthier lifestyle

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